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Preprints [Book chapters] (to appear in ISTE-Wiley encyclopedia of sciences, Images and Remote Sening Book series, 2021)

  • 2021+: A. M. Atto, H. Hadhri, F. Vernier and E. Trouvé, Multiclass Multilabel Change of State Transfer Learning from Image Time Series

  • 2021+: A. M. Atto, F. Karbou, S. Giffard-Roisin and L. Bombrun, Unsupervised Functional Information Clustering in Extreme Environments from Filter Banks and Relative Entropy

  • 2021+: A. M. Atto, A. Pinheiro, G. Ginolhac and P. A. Morettin, Fractional Field Image Time Series Modelling and Application to Cyclone Tracking

  • 2021+: F. Karbou, G. James, P. Durand and A. M. Atto, Thresholds and Distances to Better Detect Wet Snow Over Mountains with Sentinel-1 Image Time Series

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